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Long life is one of the main reasons for choosing Brushless technology in applications for continuous operation (fans, pumps, barcode readers). However also applications requiring high peak torques with a low duty cycle can benefit from Brushless technology, whereas brush technology will encounter excessive brush wear and reduced life performance. Brushless DC motors do not suffer from electrical wear due to the absence of brushes.

March 2003

We are pleased to introduce a new member of the BL58 motor family.

BL58 20 / 30 Watt

This completely closed brushless DC motor has electronics onboard and provides up to 20 or 30 Watts of shaft output power.

Product Highlights:

  • Extremely suitable as pumpdrive for long-life applications
  • Lifetime surpassing 20000 hours
  • Speed range: between 75 and 4000 rpm
  • Electronic braking

Below is the drawing for this motor.
Click here to download the complete version

If you are interested in this new brushless dc motor, don't hesitate to contact us.
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