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Premotec (Precision Motor Technology B.V.), formerly known as Philips Mechatronics, became independent in October 1997. Our company is based in the historical Dutch city of Dordrecht, where we have been developing and manufacturing small precision motors for more than 40 years.

Our products are used in a wide variety of industrial, professional and medical applications, such as:

fuel injection systems, high-density digital tape drives, bar code readers, laser scanning equipment, dialysis equipment, industrial ink jet printers, waste water treatment, cash dispensers, dosing systems for the pharmaceutical industry, textile manufacturing, document handling equipment, studio television cameras, optical disc drives for the computer industry.

Premotec is one of the few motor manufacturers in the world that produces four different motor technologies: Brushless DC motors, Coreless DC motors, Iron Core DC motors and Permanent Magnet Stepper and Synchronous motors.
In addition, we offer a full range of reduction gearboxes tailored to each of these motors.

Brushless DC Motors
Coreless DC Motors
Iron Core Motors
Synchronous & Stepper Motors
At our headquarters in Dordrecht and our manufacturing facility in Hungary, we work according to the ISO 9001 Quality Standards.

This site gives information about our world-wide distribution and you will also find detailed information on our full product range.
Please do not hesitate to contact us in case you wish to discuss a drive solution for your specific application or any question about our products.

Expert application engineering is available to you locally from our sales offices and distributors as well as from our headquarters in the Netherlands.
Whether you require a drive from our standard portfolio or a customised drive, it is our intent to serve you at shortest possible notice.

The customization as offered by Premotec, make us your ideal partner for total drive solutions.

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